Leadership Development

The WWIB Leadership Development team seeks to empower Wharton women through hands-on programming. From interactive workshops on negotiations and executive presence to physical challenges in uncertain environments, we are passionate about helping Wharton women recognize and grow their personal leadership style. We work closely with Wharton faculty, the McNulty Leadership Program and the Philadelphia community to build a supportive network that enables WWIB members to thrive at Wharton and beyond.


Key activities for this academic year:


  • Self Awareness – effectively leverage your individual leadership style
  • Executive Presence – command attention and communicate effectively
  • Negotiation – gain the confidence and skills to navigate delicate situations
  • Advocacy – learn to empower others with agency
  • Inner Coach – build risk-taking habits and strengthen resilience
  • Experiential Leadership – lead under uncertainty with WWIB rock-climbing and ropes course
  • Faculty Connections – connect with female professors at Wharton in small group topical lunches


Should you have any ideas for WWIB Leadership Development, please contact: Angelinda Chen (angx@wharton.upenn.edu)


“Leading the Life You Want” workshop with Professor Stewart Friedman

WWIB Leadership Development ropes course at Philadelphia Outward Bound