Leadership Development

The WWIB Leadership Development team designs and executes programming to empower Wharton women, including seminars and workshops to hone specific skill areas that would most benefit WWIB members at Wharton and beyond, such as negotiations, executive presence, communications, group processes, and personal finance. We are passionate about expanding opportunities for Wharton women to develop leadership skills and work closely with the Wharton Leadership Office and Philadelphia community to bring powerful programming to our members.


Key activities for this academic year:


  • Harmony – gain critical skills for leading the life you want in home, work, and community
  • Executive Presence – command attention and communicate effectively
  • Productivity – maximize your limited time resources to accomplish more everyday
  • Negotiation – gain confidence and skills for delicate situations
  • Inner coach – strengthen resilience and internal leadership
  • Faculty connections – small group topical lunches with female professors in the Wharton community
  • Taking risks while supporting each other – venture outside to soar in the sky with WWIB trapeze and aerial classes!


“Leading the Life You Want” workshop with Professor Stewart Friedman


WWIB Leadership Development trapeze class at Fly School Circus Arts