Professional Development


WWIB supports Wharton women to explore and successfully pursue their chosen internships and career by hosting career-focused events. WWIB Career is the primary point of contact connecting employers, alumnae, inspirational female business leaders, and current female Wharton students. Working in tandem with other club officers to organize cross-functional events, WWIB introduces comprehensive career opportunities to help women at Wharton optimize their career path.


Activities planned for this academic year:


  • Assist members’ career search through career discovery with second-year students (e.g., coffee chats or small group dinners)
  • Provide improved access to employers through women specific networking events (e.g., industry lunches or cocktail hours)
  • Maintain Wharton women presence through the WWIB resume book
  • Offer student / alumni career mentor program
  • In conjunction with other club officers:
    • Host skill-development workshops and seminars (e.g., sessions for international students about how to recruit in the US)
    • Introduce a variety of female role models through the WWIB speaker series