Professional Development


To support Wharton women to successfully start and pursue their career after MBA, WWIB is working with employers seeking to recruit Wharton women through career-focused events. WWIB has been the primary point of contact among employers, alumnae and successful business women, and current women students at Wharton. Working in tandem with other club officers to organize cross-functional events, WWIB has been introduced comprehensive career opportunities to help women at Wharton search right career paths for each individual.


To best meets the diverse needs of members, WWIB Career Officers plan to introduce the full breadth of career opportunities available to women at Wharton, from traditional and popular positions by banking and consulting firms to marketing or leadership development programs by industry companies.


Key activities planned for this academic year:


  • To provide informal access to highly represented and underrepresented employers (e.g. Industry Lunches and Coffee Chats with employer representatives)
  • To organize skill-development workshops and seminars (e.g. A faculty-led workshop to develop contract and general business negotiation skills)
  • To introduce a wide range of women role models through the WWIB speaker series
  • To assist members’ career search through career discovery panels with second-year students and employers
  • To support the recruitment process through resume review and mock interview sessions
  • To produce and distribute the WWIB resume book
  • To offer a first-year student/second-year student career mentor program
  • To hold networking events for women students