21 Jan How I’m planning to stay healthy this year at Wharton


January is the month of clichéd New Year’s resolutions. But with the fast-paced Wharton lifestyle, with hors d’oeuvres at networking mixers and open bar events, aspirations to lead healthier lives can fall by the wayside. I am sharing and committing to my three goals for the New Year, which I hope will help me stay healthy and happy.

Goal 1: Eat a good breakfast before class

According to the CDC, skipping breakfast is associated with decreased cognitive performance. Aside from avoiding the humiliation of being that person with the grumbling stomach in your 9 a.m. class, eating a healthy breakfast sets you up to focus in class. While this is not new news, I often run out of time to eat breakfast, and I’m going to strive to change that this year.

On the walk to class, I pass by numerous quick and healthy breakfast options. Good Karma Café (just before 2401 Walnut) has fruit smoothies and healthy, veggie-packed breakfast sandwiches. Pure Fare on 21st and Walnut has an amazing chia pudding. At the MBA café, I’ll strive to choose a healthy omelet or protein box over sugary yogurts or energy bars. Also, the WWIB Health & Wellness committee will be providing a healthy grab-and-go breakfast next Thursday (1/26) at the MBA cafe, so be on the lookout for more details!

Goal 2: Treat a workout as a hangout

                          2016 WWIB barre and yoga event

For me, the best part of the Wharton experience so far has been getting to know such a wonderful group of people. Why should a workout be anything another other than an opportunity to hang out with them? Instead of spending a boring hour alone on the elliptical, I’m going to make workouts more social this year. Walking the 25 minutes to and from Huntsman is not only a great way to get some steps, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to catch up with classmates headed in the same direction. There are a ton of other ways to get active and social. For instance, this semester I’m participating in the Wharton Dance Show. Weekly rehearsals are the perfect way to get in a workout and meet new people.

WWIB Health and Wellness committee also sponsors workout classes throughout the year, which is an easy (and free!) chance to try something new and to bond with other women at Wharton. Our next event will take place on Monday January 30 at the new barre studio, Barre 3! (The studio will also offer discounted membership to anyone who attends! Check out the next WWIB weekly email for details.)

Goal 3: Take care of my mind, too

Business school life, though incredibly fun and rewarding, can be stressful. Blue Monday falls on January 16 this year, and I’m already starting to feel overwhelmed with recruiting obligations and academics. This semester, I want to make sure I stay balanced. From asking student TAs to for help with academics to leveraging the Tutor @ Wharton program to scheduling a free, confidential counseling session at CAPS, there are many resources available on campus.

WWIB Health and Wellness committee will also be hosting mindfulness-related events throughout the semester, which are the perfect way to find some much-needed balance. Stay tuned for more information on specific event dates!

While business school is an exciting time, it’s one filled with all kinds of “stretch experiences,” and, I’m hoping that these three goals will help me achieve more physical and mental balance.

–Christina Theodore, WG’18, WWIB Board, Health & Wellness Committee

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