07 Apr #WWIBtbt – Our Favorite WWIB Memories

Happy Thursday! We at Wharton love Thursdays for two reasons: 1) No Friday classes #thursdaysthenewfriday, and 2) With just a few weeks until graduation, the Class of 2016 is pretty nostalgic lately. That means we can’t resist an opportunity for little #WWIBtbt. We wanted to kick off this blog by sharing some of our favorite WWIB memories from the past couple years.

Above all, our favorite memory has been serving as WWIB co-presidents. Our responsibilities have included managing a board of 37 individuals, overseeing an organization that hosts more than five events per week for the 700+ women at Wharton, and managing internal relationships with Wharton administrators and faculty as well as external relationships with corporate sponsors and the media. The experience has been both a challenge and a privilege.

This year, we’re proud to have championed some exceptional initiatives with the WWIB Board, including:

  • The Wharton 22s – WWIB is a partner with this pioneering group of male peers dedicated to gender equality at Wharton and in the business world
  • Mothers @ Wharton – a support network for Wharton moms who have all of the challenges MBA students do, in addition to being mothers
  • The Return on Equality Coalition – WWIB is a founding partner of Wharton’s newly formed student-run coalition dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion at Wharton
  • Women Entrepreneurs Network – WWIB has created a community for female entrepreneurs, including hosting a WWIB “Holiday Shop”  showcasing student female founders’ innovative products and services


Tory Burch

But we’ve also managed to have a lot of fun! Here are some of each our favorite WWIB moments from the past two years #WWIBtbt

Ashley’s #WWIBtbt

One (literal) stretch experience I had was flying trapeze at a WWIB event with 10 fellow Wharton women. Each woman there was facing very real fears of being 30 feet off the ground, trusting herself to catch the bar and even do flips (!), and ultimately building confidence within herself. It was also a highly supportive environment – we cheered each other on as we “flew” into challenging opportunities. It was an important physical and mental challenge that will stick with me as a reminder of what I am capable of.

Marlin’s #WWIBtbt

My first WWIB Conference was unforgettable. I was on the Sponsorship committee, which meant that in my first month at Wharton, I got to manage relationships with the biggest and best recruiting firms at Wharton. I was thrilled to learn first-hand that these firms were all eager to meet and hire Wharton women.  Weeks of hard work culminated in an incredible day of speeches, panels, and inspired conversations with women business leaders.  Finding myself surrounded by hundreds of exceptional, ambitious female peers who I’m now lucky to call my friends, I got my first taste of how enriching the rest of my Wharton experience would be.

Maribeth’s #WWIBtbt

One of my proudest moments as a WWIB member and Wharton woman came when WWIB hosted a celebration for all incoming female student club presidents – all 100+ of them! It was an incredible feeling to share a room with such ambitious and accomplished women. Over this past year, WWIB has fostered a special community among female club presidents – we ask questions and share tips in our own GroupMe chat, and we gathered with senior female faculty in the fall. Celebrating women in leadership is a key focus of WWIB’s, and I’m so glad to have been a part of that.



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