29 Sep WWIB Week 2014: Celebrating International Women in Business

859 students. 343 women. 266 internationals representing 71 countries in total. This is my Wharton.

Wharton is a celebration of thought, culture, language, nationality, and individuality. After attending the Wharton Winter Welcome Weekend in January 2013 (for Round 1 admits), it was easy to make my b-school decision: I felt such a strong connection to the culture of caring, sharing, and camaraderie which my fellow admits and current Wharton students portrayed that I knew this was the place for me. And today, with two months (already!) of my Wharton experience underway, I’m sure I made the right decision: there’s no place I’d rather be.

This year’s Wharton Women in Business (WWIB) Week (9/29 to 10/3) theme of “UN Women” embodies the international aspect of our community and our dedication to inclusivity in all of our endeavors. WWIB has a strong on-campus presence and membership is open to everyone, as long as they are committed to the shared goal of promoting equal opportunities for women in the workplace. WWIB Week has an impressive lineup of events that seek to celebrate the rich international diversity of the Wharton student body. Throughout the week, we are collecting donations for the UN Fund for Gender Equality.

WWIB Week celebrations will continue with a Wharton Women’s Visit Day on Thursday Oct 2nd followed by WWIB-sponsored Pub (a weekly tradition where Wharton students meet to relax and get dinner with beer/wine after a long, hard week of classes.)

In addition to WWIB, there are several other diversity- and gender-related groups on-campus such as Asia Club, Wharton India Club, and Wharton Latin American Student Association (WHALASA), to name a few. The great thing about these groups is that they are comprised of members who are not necessarily from the representative country (i.e. non-Latin American students routinely join WHALASA in order to learn more about the culture.)

Wharton is a continual celebration of cultural diversity, and we hope that WWIB Week serves as a medium to share this with prospective students. Thanks for reading, and definitely reach out to us and let us know what you’d like to see in upcoming blog posts!


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