22 Sep Selected Events from the 2013-2014 Academic Year

WWIB Photo Day, March 28th

WWIB offered the opportunity for its members to have headshots taken that could be used for LinkedIn profile pictures and other professional/recruiting purposes.

Photo Day 2

Lean In and Let Go: A Different Type of Leadership Development Workshop by Wharton Women in Business and TLEX, March 19th

This March, WWIB organized a Leadership Development workshop addressing the central theme of mastering one of our greatest enemies – stress.  In the unending chase to do everything and be everywhere, we often forget ourselves and neglect to pay attention to our mind and body. The “Lean In and Let Go” workshop provided Wharton women the opportunity to identify the sources of stress in our lives, reinforced the importance of our mind, and showcased tactical tools to increase awareness, decrease stress and be more present and effective in daily life.

Alina Zhitskaya, WWIB’s Leadership Development co-chair and the event organizer, described the workshop as an effort in WWIB’s continued dedication towards its mission of supporting Wharton women in their personal and professional growth.  The workshop was led by experts from Transformational Leadership for Excellence (“TLEX”) Johann Berlin, TLEX’s US Director and facilitator of similar workshops at Stanford, GE, and Shell among others, and Mona Shah Joshi, an international stress management and wellness expert with 20,000+ hours of teaching mind energy tools.

The workshop was structured around three pillars: Self Mastery, Social Connection, and Vision & Inspiration.  In reflecting on our mastery of self, Mona explained that the quality of our daily life is constantly affected by our state of mind.  Our mind tends to oscillate between the past, causing regret, and future, causing worry; this continuous fluctuation of thought zaps the mind’s energy, prevents us from being in the present and perpetuates anxiety.  Johann then explained that the continuous demand and pressure we put on ourselves leads to stress.  Yet, we tend to de-stress through things like exercising, making to do lists, or cleaning (someone did say that!).  All of these activities expend our energy instead of conserving and focusing it.  After reviewing the typical triggers and reactions to stress, the facilitators provided WWIB members with simple yet powerful breathing and meditation techniques that relax and energize the mind, making way for creativity and effective action.

When discussing social connection, Johann highlighted that there are four types of communications – head to head, head to heart, heart to head, and heart to heart.  In our everyday busy lives, we increasingly tend to use head to head communication, distancing the person, when in fact heart to heart communication is the optimal way to build trust, establish long-term relationships and gain commitment.  The facilitators also led participants through several easy exercises to increase connectedness with peers.

Some quotes from participating WWIB members:

The workshop was a great way for us to learn techniques to generate energy, reduce stress, and keep things in perspective. We all left the workshop feeling energized and inspired!” – Pam Freed

“The TLEX workshop was great – it provided practical experiential exercises that can either energize or relax the mind.” – Lauren Fishbane

“TLEX coaches Johann and Mona opened my eyes to the power of quieting my mind. In a busy, go-go-go Wharton world this is something we rarely take time to do. The workshop taught me how to better manage these racing thoughts through controlled breathing and in doing so gain better focus and rest.” – Hee-won Kang

Wharton Women Respond to the Valentine’s Edition of the Wharton Journal
Pam Freed, Hee-Won Kang, Neha Mishra (WG ’14)

We are proud to be Wharton women. Women comprise 42% of the student body at Wharton, the highest percentage among top business schools. We lead student organizations that include the PEVC Club, Food Club, Tennis Club, Social Impact Club, and many more. Women represented 30% of the 2012-2013 First Year Honors list, and this year we make up 48% of Leadership Fellows, 45% of Student Life Fellows, 55% of Career Fellows, 50% of Admissions Fellows, and 44% of Nonprofit Board Leadership Fellows.

As Co-Presidents of Wharton Women in Business, we are often asked why WWIB exists or why Wharton doesn’t have a “men in business” club. We exist because women’s place at the table is hardly secure. As many Wharton women know from experience, we still have a long way to go toward gender equality. We earn 77 cents to every man’s dollar and comprise just 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEO and 16.9% of corporate board seats. Misperceptions about women in power— depicted as “bossy” or “bitchy”—are an unfortunate reality that many Wharton women will face, or have already faced, during our careers.

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Talk with Debora Spar, President of Barnard College and author of Wonder Women, February 10th

Debora Spar, a long-time proponent of women’s leadership, joined us to speak candidly about her recent groundbreaking book,Wonder Women: Sex, Power, and the Quest for Perfection. Spar’s book sheds light on why – in this modern day and age – women often still feel stuck. Seamlessly weaving personal anecdotes and historical research, President Spar discussed women’s continued struggle for power and their seemingly endless quest for perfection. This event was co-sponsored by WWIB and Authors@Wharton.

Miss Representation Screening, February 4th

Miss Representation, an award-winning film, uncovers a reality we live with every day but fail to see. The film exposes how mainstream media contribute to the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence in America. The film interviews teenagers, politicians, journalists, entertainers, activists and academics, such as Condoleezza Rice, Nancy Pelosi, Katie Couric, Rachel Maddow, Margaret Cho, Rosario Dawson and Gloria Steinem. This event was co-hosted by WWIB, the WGA, and the MBA Program Office.

Winter Welcome Weekend Dinner

During the Winter Welcome Weekend, WWIB hosted more than 60 prospective women for dinner, many of whom will join our community next year. It was fantastic to be among such accomplished women who share our passion for empowering women leaders.


WWIB Screening of MAKERS: Women Who Make America, October 16th

WWIB was thrilled to present a screening of MAKERS: Women Who Make America, a documentary featuring the stories of trailblazing women—like Sheryl Sandberg, Hillary Clinton, and Meryl Streep—who challenged the status quo, became firsts-in-their-fields, and paved the way for others. Maureen Sullivan, AOL’s SVP of Lifestyle Brands and Women’s Content and creator of MAKERS, was there to introduce the film and answer questions.

Find more info here.

Discussion of Gender Equity at Wharton, October 7th

The New York Times Article on Gender Equity at HBS ignited renewed conversations on gender equity in business school.  In response, the WWIB Thought Leadership office wanted to give Wharton students an opportunity to share and discuss their thoughts on gender equity at Wharton.   On Monday, October 7th, we hosted a fun, open, intimate, and thought-provoking event at Rogue’s bar.  We invited women and men, and our aim was to spur discussion around what Wharton does well to promote gender equity and where we can still improve.

As the evening began, the drizzle outside was no match for the warm excitement in the back room of Rogue’s.  The conversation buzzed among the 16 first and second year MBA student attendees, a quarter of whom were brave Wharton men!  Over the course of the evening, participants shared stories, had meaningful conversation, challenged, and supported each other. Facilitators gently steered the conversations from one topic to the next, and participants eagerly focused their discussions around academics, career, social, and community. Throughout the evening, we collected takeaways from participants, which we are proud to present below:

  • Assess academic honors breakdown by gender, previous industry, and undergrad major to discover the biggest determining factor (perhaps it is or is not strictly “gender”!)
  • Encourage women to lead review sessions for classmates (male and female)
  • Build gratitude in the Wharton women community through the WWIB Shout- Out of the week
  • Pay it forward – mentor a woman, tutor, extend your network, and/or offer to teach a skill you know
  • Find mentors and sponsors who will promote women to be considered for that role, promotion, or CEO position
  • The event taught us to encourage our learning team, cohort, colleagues, and professors to start where they are to do small steps to promote gender equity at Wharton.  Whether it’s in an interaction, classroom, or out on the town – we can make a difference on how gender equity plays out at Wharton while we are here.

WWIB looks forward to continuing this conversation, and we are thankful for and impressed by the participants, who kicked off the conversation.

WWIB Week, September 23rd to September 27th

WWIB week included a wide variety of exciting events.

WWIB teamed up with Harper’s Bazaar to present Work the Look, where members were able to get their professional style questions answered! At the Resilient Leadership Workshop: Harness Your Inner Coach, WWIB members worked with Drs. Jane Shure and Beth Weinstock on “Building Personal Resilience: Strengthen Your Inner Coach to be Stronger than Your Inner Critic.”

WWIB also continued the tradition of Pink Pub where WWIB dresses Pub in pink to raise money for a great cause. This year, WWIB supported Women’s Way, an organization focused on providing support services to women in Philadelphia.


2013 WWIB Conference, September 15th

The WWIB Conference generates nearly 500 attendees and is consistently regarded as one of the best MBA women’s conferences. This year’s conference, “Own Your Career”, featured female business leaders who have successfully crafted career paths to suit both their professional and personal goals.




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